Fitness for me has become an adopted lifestyle.  It wasn't always easy or enjoyable for me.  I've labeled myself "My first client".  I was overweight for most of life and I eventually wanted change.  I educated myself by simply reading and applying what I learned.  After a year of working on myself, I lost about 100lbs.  My weight loss empowered me to help others.  Over the years I've studied all types of training to include; high intensity training, cross training, running, mixed martial arts, weight lifting, and yoga to name a few.  Through the years of training many different styles, I developed my own style of training.  My style is based on overall balance.  I believe you must be physically strong, flexible, and have a high level of endurance while performing activities.  The programs I design and/or implement are progressive and lead to overall balance.  
Although I believe in weighted resistance training, I encourage people to use their body weight as often as possible.  Your body will be with you your entire life.  I develop specific programs for each individual.  I believe being personal with programs is just as important as the training.  I hold current certificates from National Academy of Sports Medicine, International Sports Science Association, American Sports and Fitness Association, and American Heart Association.  I've been a private trainer, I've been employed by fitness clubs, and I've developed programs for many Marines and servicemembers.   I'm at a place in my career where I want to educate and be a benefit to as many people as possible.  Contact me for FREE professional advice and guidance.   Fitness is often ignored because we believe it's harder than it actually is.  Allow me to give you the tools to not only reach, but surpass your fitness goals.